About Me

Welcome Readers,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Millie Carlton. I was raised in the Rogue Valley by parents that owned a logging company. As a child, my summers consisted of camping in a tent on logging sites while my dad and his logging crew meticulously forested the land.

In my early twenties, I left Medford and set out on an adventure that for the past forty years was nothing short of amazing! Four wonderful children, trips to Europe, business failures, business successes, and finally retiring after owning
two award-winning Event venues in Colorado Spring.

Returning to Medford in 2016 was bittersweet. It was great to be around family but the smoke in the air was horrible. Thus, I started researching the reasons for such massive wildfires and was extremely frustrated by the answers received from “professionals”. After being told several times that this was, “The New Normal”- my response, “hell no it’s not my new normal. I want to breath clean air.”

After careful consideration, I decided to be a voice of reason, logic, and persistence. Along with others of like attitude, we will help the elderly, those with health issues, and children unable to take on the task of finding solutions for cleaner air and healthy forests. The forests will once again be a local economic resource while implementing wise conservation practices to protect all that makes up our beautiful land.

It is possible to bring back the clean skies and healthy forests that I knew as a child. Together with like-minded folks, common sense and logic will prevail. Thanks for allowing me to share! Please contact me with your thoughts.