Forests Under Stress….

There are hero’s among us! Those that work tirelessly to educate us that neither have the time nor the mental wherewithal to delve into a subject that may take years to understand. These individuals live, dream, and lose sleep while carefully crafting words so that we, the mom’s that are busy raising the little ones the middle age that are in the throws of their financially productive years, and ones that have fought the good fight and retirement is a place of retreat. One such hero is among us today! Having dedicated 40 years to research and observation of our forests, not to mention personally hand planting over 240,000 trees for the government and private sector in Southern Oregon, Rachel Hall is that hero.

Her understanding of our forests that she has so aptly named, “Forest Under Stress” (FUS) is an excellent measure of why we are experiencing massive wildfires. Her easy to understand literature is written in such a way that common sense, scientific evidence, and graphic photo’s of our dying forests awaken our inner call of basic primitive survival.

We must take action to save our forests. As Editor of Scorched, I implore you to read further and absorb the work that took 40 years to bring to fruition so that you may become educated and take action to help revive our dying forests. We must raise our voices and believe that together, we can bring back healthy, viable, living ecosystems that create habitat for our forest animals, an economic staple for our communities, and a source of joy and happiness to all that stroll beneath the tall pines that we call our forests! Visit: